Congressional Testimony – 1994

“Sigmund Freud would have been a wonderful witness here.  He would have explained the use of derivatives as denial and rationalization – the pretense that we are doing one thing when we really mean to do something else; the relationship between the banker and its client as one of ambivalence and reliance on the father figure; the use of accounting conventions as repression and the absence of reality testing; the work environment as the pleasure/pain principle – current pleasure for future damage, let someone else pick up the pieces; leveraging and doubling our bets as counter-phobic behavior; termination therapy as what happens when the CFO and Treasurer get caught; and, of course, transference – how the trader seeks to shift responsibility to his or her superior when the string runs out.”

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Selected Press Articles (1960s – 1970s)
Who is Gene Rotberg and What Does He Want?
By Heidi S. Fiske – The Institutional Investor
Give-Ups; Price Fixing; Volume Discounts; Institutional Members in NYSE
The SEC Has a Little List
By Carol J. Loomis – Fortune magazine

Over-the-Counter; Give-Ups; Volume Discounts

Letter from Bob Haack
(President, New York Stock Exchange)
Bob Haack, Stan Sporkin, Manny Cohen, Keith Funston
Business DiaryThe Times Gene Rotberg’s Appointment to World Bank
Aid to SEC to Join World Bank–New York Times Gene Rotberg’s Appointment to World Bank
From Commission Staffer to International Banker - A Visit with Gene Rotberg
By Mary Teel – SEC Bulletin
Interview – Gene Rotberg
Rotberg Speaks on Global Environment
By Ramon Carlos Nivera – Wharton Journal
OPEC; Global Finance
The New Environment for World Bank Borrowing
by James L. Srodes – The Institutional Investor
World Bank borrowing
Running an $8 Billion Portfolio - The World Bank’s Treasurer: Helping the Poor through CautionEuromoney World Bank Lending Program; Constraints
Gene Rotberg – Japan (Japanese) Japan and World Bank
Rotberg’s Approach is One of Flexibility
By Robert A. Bennett – American Banker
Borrowing by World Bank; Finance at World Bank
Selected Press Articles (1980s)
Borrowing for the Bank Where Bad Loans are Unknown
by Jo McBride – Asian Banking – Asia-Pacific and the Bretton Woods Institutions
Underwriting Bonds for World Bank; Finance
World Bank’s Treasurer Knows Where Oil Bucks AreThe Pennsylvania Gazette Oil; OPEC
World Bank’s Wide Prestige – Market Place
By Karen W. Arenson – The New York Times
Underwriting for World Bank
World Bank Treasurer Rotberg Strives for Flexibility on $9.7 Billion Portfolio
by Kenneth H. Bacon – The Wall Street Journal
Finance at World Bank; Portfolio Management; World Bank
World Bank Off to a Fast Start
by David Marsh In London – Financial Times
Borrowing by World Bank

Solutions and Opportunities and A Debt Restructuring Scenario

LDC Debt

Frightening Do-Gooder
by Robert F. Morris – To the Editor - The Pennsylvania Gazette

OPEC; Critique of Gene Rotberg
The Politics of the World Bank’s Eurobond Debut
by Laura White Dillon – The Institutional Investor
Eurobond; World Bank
World Bank Treasurer Rotberg Has Large Portfolio, ‘Actively Managed’
by Kenneth H. Bacon – The Wall Street Journal
Portfolio Management; World Bank
How the World Bank Manages Its Money
by Clyde H. Farnsworth – The New York Times
Portfolio Management
Eugene H. Rotberg – The Gallery Temple University Magazine World Bank Finance
Rotberg: A Talk on the Borrowing Side
by Ellen Tillier – The Bank’s World
Borrowing by World Bank
‘I Don’t Want to Make Invidious Comparisons With Commercial Banks and Other Lending Institutions’ – Eugene H. Rotberg
by Sidney Brown, As We See it – The Market Chronicle
Borrowing Philosophy at World Bank
The World’s Smartest BankerInstitutional Investor Gene Rotberg, World Bank
World Bank Exec Predicts Restructure for Nations’ Debts
by Cheryl Wenner – Allentown Morning Call
The World Bank and LDC Debt Crisis
Third World’s Debt Burden – Talking Business With Qureshi and Rotberg of World Bank
The New York Times
LDC Debt Crisis
World Bank Considers Use of Financial Futures
By Commodity News Service – The Journal of Commerce
Derivatives; World Bank
Rotberg to Bankers: Don’t Expect LDC Debt Repayment
The Institutional Investor
Banks and LDCs
World Bank in Move to Borrow at Flexible Rates
By Peter Montagnon – Financial Times
Floating Rates; World Bank
A Swiss Twist for the World Bank
by Te Revesz The Institutional Investor
Borrowing by World Bank
A Tough Act to Follow for Donald Roth – Following a Virtuoso
Institutional Investor
World Bank and Gene Rotberg
Time to Loosen Up a Bit World Bank and Gene Rotberg
Fresh Techniques by World Bank
By Peter Montagnon – Financial Times
Innovation; World Bank
World Bank Keeps an Eye on Profits
By Harre W. Demoro – The San Francisco Chronicle
Profit at World Bank
When Rotberg Speaks Journal of Commerce World Bank Finance
Letter from Sargent Shriver Gene Rotberg
Specialized Breed of Trader Manages World Bank’s Huge Pool of Assets
by Daniel Hertzberg – The Wall Street Journal
Trading at World Bank
‘Stroke of Genius’ DealFinancial Weekly First Swap
Currency Swaps Go LegitInstitutional Investor Swaps
World Bank – The IBM Deal that Opens a Cash Source
International Business
Rotberg Takes a TripFinancial Report Borrowing by World Bank
Moving Towards a Simpler way of Funding
By Peter Montagnon – Financial Times
Duration and Mismatches
The World Bank Comparison Shops
World Business Weekly
Borrowing Programs at World Bank
Once the World Bank Starts to Borrow in Sterling, Expect Others to Follow
By Hamish McRae – Financial Guardian
Borrowing by World Bank
World Bank is a Global Bellwether
By John M. Berry – Herald International Tribune
World Bank Portfolio Management
IFR Portrait Gallery Gene Rotberg
Smart answers to Dumb Questions
By Ben Weberman – Forbes Magazine
Profile Gene Rotberg
Shearson Lehman Goes it Alone
By Henny Sender – The Institutional Investor
Borrowing Program
Financial Markets Pay Close Attention to World Bank
Washington Business
World Bank
Celebration of Excellence: 40 Years in the Euromarkets – Personalities of the 1980sEuroWeek Profile Gene Rotberg
Rotberg to Banks: You’re on Your Own
by Kevin Muehring – Institutional Investor
LDC Debt Crisis
AGEFI Borrower Profile and Why Eugene Likes Swaps Floating Rate Notes
The World Bank Approach to DebtEuromoney Rescheduling Debt; World Bank
It’s Just a Question of Protection against RiskFinancial Times Libor; World Bank
Rotberg’s Libor AllergyEuromoney Libor; World Bank
A New Guide for Borrowers in EuropeInstitutional Investor (International) Globalization; Finance
Experts Warn That Innovations Pose Hazards For Financial System, Developing CountriesInstitutional Investor Globalization; Finance
World Bank Devises a New Method to Raise Cash and World Bank ChangingInternational Herald Tribune Finance; World Bank
World Bank to Sell New Debt Security, Boost BorrowingWall Street Journal Finance; World Bank
World Bank Unveils Deal on Debt SwapsFinancial Times

Swaps; World Bank

International Capital Markets – The World Bank’s $200m “go-it-alone” Eurobond – Source

Finance; World Bank

The Profit Machine that Helps the PoorAsian Finance Profits at World Bank
Gene Rotberg’s Billion-Franc Fourth of JulyInstitutional Investor France; World Bank
Rotberg’s Greatest ChallengeThe Daily Telegraph Politics and World Bank
Gene Rotberg: Bullish about the World Bank’s Triple A – Institutional Investor Credit of World Bank
A Mini-Museum at the World BankThe New York Times Gene Rotberg Profile
Silberjubilaum mit Dissonanzen (German) – Handelsblatt German Article; World Bank
A World Bank SolutionThe Journal of Commerce LDC Debt
Gene Rotberg ProfileInstitutional Investor Gene Rotberg
Rotberg’s Thirteen Questions  
Rotberg’s “Poison Put”Annual Meeting News LDC Debt Crisis
Hard Questions about Who Pays for the Brady Plan Brady Plan and World Bank
Debt Forgiveness, B.C.Wall Street Journal LDC Debt Crisis
The State of Play – Former World Bank Treasurer Eugene Rotberg Gives his Special Perspective on The Brady Plan, The Bank and The FundAnnual Meeting News

The Brady Plan; World Bank

Une Baisse Graduelle du DollarPeut Ramener La Confiance (French) French Article; World Bank
Searching for Solutions
Joint Annual Meeting News
LDC Debt
Who Could Ever Replace Gene?
Institutional Investor
Gene Rotberg
The Innovator by Daniel J. Kadlec
Investment Dealers’ Digest
Innovation at World Bank
Be on Guard in the Glittery World of Financial Innovation
The Market Chronicle
Derivatives at World Bank
World Bank Gets the Accolades – Euromoney Gene Rotberg Profile
EIB’s George and World Bank’s Rotberg: The Debate about Deals – and Dealings – Continues
Institutional Investor
Competition in Underwriting
The World Bank’s Philosopher-King
Innovation and Finance; World Bank
Un Precompte a Zero, Sauf au-dela de 1.5 Million French Profile Gene Rotberg
The Mighty Market-Makers Show their Skills
Asian Finance
Market Making World Bank
The Prima Donna Bows Out – Asian Finance Gene Rotberg Profile
Global Markets’ Morning AfterInsight Finance at World Bank
Interview – Expert Looks at New World of Global Finance
Council on Competitiveness
Global Finance
Debt Relief a la Eugene Rotberg
Institutional Investor
LDC Debt Relief
Inside the Rotberg Resignation and ‘Consternation’ at World Bank as Rotberg Resigns
Gene Rotberg Profile
Merrill Lynch Names Eugene Rotberg Exec. V.P.
The Market Chronicle
Gene Rotberg Profile
Trading Places – Profile of Eugene Rotberg:
Moving from the World Stage to an Investment House

by Sarah Priestley - Euromoney
Gene Rotberg Profile
The Blunders and Ineptitude that have Deepened the Crisis Faced by the World Bank
By Alex Brummer - The Guardian (UK)
Gene Rotberg Profile
Shuffling at World Bank by Hobart Rowen
The Washington Post
Gene Rotberg Profile
From World Bank to Wall Street
The Economist
Gene Rotberg Profile
World Bank Reform with Big Question-Marks And Doubts about Conable are Growing
Full Translation of news item appearing in Handelsblatt (Germany) by Klaus Engelen
Gene Rotberg Profile
Why Gene Rotberg Left the Bank
Institutional Investor
Gene Rotberg Profile
Eugene Rotberg – Treasurer – World Bank – “When I Left the SEC, People said, ‘My God! He’s Ruined the Securities Industry.  What’s he Going to do to the World’s Financial System?”
Editor: Margaret A. Elliott
Institutional Investor
Gene Rotberg Profile

Is Rotberg Preparing his Ultimate “Swap?”
International Finance Review

Gene Rotberg Profile
Eugene Rotberg – photo Gene Rotberg
Eugene H. Rotberg, Vice President and Treasurer, World Bank
Special Sponsored Supplement
Gene Rotberg Profile
Surviving the Meltdown – Rotberg on Risk
International Finance Review
“Nieuwe financiele technieken hebben geen Invloed op dollarstabiliteit” and Translation – Merrill Lynch’s VP Eugene Rotberg: “New Financial Techniques have no Influence on Dollar Stability” (FlemishArticle) Profile Gene Rotberg; Derivatives; Finance
Washington moet dollardaling en Importsubstitutie toelaten   (Belgium) World Bank; Finance; Globalization
Selected Press Articles (1990s)
Rotberg Leaves Merrill Lynch
Institutional Investor
Gene Rotberg and Merrill Lynch
Beware Treasury’s Bank Reform Plan
The New York Times
Firewalls and Glass Steagall
Gene Rotberg Continues to Influence International Financial Issues after a Distinguished 40-Year Career
Temple University Magazine
Profile Gene Rotberg
Eugene Rotberg – A 40-Year Retrospective
Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation
Capital World Markets
The Troubles I See – Eugene Rotberg
Institutional Investor – 40th Anniversary Issue
Profile Gene Rotberg
Eugene Rotberg – The Human Nature of Business
Temple University Review
Globalization; Finance
World Bank: A Decade of Market Patronage
International Finance Review
Borrowing Program World Bank
Mentors (Cover Story - The Winning Ways of Jessica Einhorn)
Gene Rotberg
Selected Press Articles (2000s)
IFR Eurobond Retrospective Roundtable - September 2013
International Financing Review — 2000th Issue — 40 Years in Review
Eurobond Roundtable
World Leader: The Borrower That Shaped The Bond Markets
International Financing Review Special Report, September 2013
World Bank
Eugene Rotberg and the World Bank: Worth Spending One's Life On, September 2019 World Bank